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Project Summary

     Maybe not tomorrow, next year, or the year after, but someday the Town of Lincoln will have a new recreational facility for the entire community.  Why are we so sure?  Because the Lincoln Town Council has established a legal trust fund to start raising money for this very purpose; it's called, The Fund. 

     Yes, we recognize how important it is to involve our children in something productive.  So while they're playing basketball, football, or whatever, they're also learning essential social development skills necessary to succeed later in life.

     The Lincoln Town Council is taking the initiative to funnel resources together so that we may someday build what we consider an awesome facility.  Although we don't know exactly when or where this facility will be, the Town Council has planted the proverbial seed to ensure that in years to come, our community's recreational needs are met.  Our timeline is directly related to the level of donations we receive from people like yourself; whether it's through a tax exempt donation or bequeathals. 

     This project is not just ours, it will be yours too.  We invite you to get involved by calling Ronald Weatherbee today at (794-6548) for more information.







About The Fund

    On March 11th, 2002, the Lincoln Town Council established The Lincoln Community Recreational Center Trust Fund, or "The Fund" as it was to be called.  The reason for creating The Fund was to have a self-sustaining entity that was capable of financing the development, construction, and management of a Lincoln Community Recreational Center.

   The concept for the development of the Lincoln Community Recreation Center was based on community feedback through surveys and other polling sources.  From the overwhelming results, it became clear that the need for a rec. center was first on the minds of area residents. 

    Initial plans for a rec. center include a basketball court, an indoor walking track, weight/exercise rooms, both men's and women's showers/locker rooms, a child care facility, multipurpose function rooms, and a rec. facility management office, and in future years- an indoor pool.  Some of the programs and functions the rec. center could offer the community would be: youth activities, weight and/or exercise programs specifically geared for every age group, adult volleyball leagues, and even the possibility of opening its doors to community functions like business expositions, pageants, conventions, and many other civic gatherings and special events. 

   With an initial starter contribution from the Lincoln Town Council, the bulk of the funding for this project is to be raised through the financial support of governmental, business, and private sector contributions.  It is clearly worded in the content of The Fund that all money raised for and by The Fund are protected, and cannot be used for any other municipal purpose.  As far as the actual time frame for completion of the center itself, this will be dictated by the availability of funding to complete each of the different phases of the project.  Here are phases 1 through 5.

Phase 1- The Capital Campaign

Outreach to the general community and beyond for financial support in establishing a cash base to finance the preliminary and ongoing stages of the project.

Phase 2- The Design

Hiring of a professional design firm to design and engineer the facility- keeping affordability, functionality, and allowance for future expansions a first concern.

Phase 3- Finding The Location

Determining a feasible site for the center that is easily accessible, is close to sidewalks, offers plenty of parking, and allows room for further expansion. 

Phase 4- The Bidding Process

Project goes out to bid for construction

Phase 5- The Construction

  With phases 1,2,3,& 4 complete, support confirmed by community referendum, and funding in place, the Lincoln Community Recreation Center breaks ground. 

   The old adage "time is money" was never more true.  Time is running out for area residents who have no outlet for establishing a good health/exercise regimen.  And, the only thing stopping them is your nonprofit contributions.  Your money will get the "ball rolling" to help build an exercise/fitness center and a more active/healthier community. 

Levels of donations are as follows:

1)    $10,000 plus Platinum Medal Contributor*  **

2)    $5,000 plus Gold Medal Contributor * **

3)    $2,500 plus Silver Medal Contributor * **

4)    $1,000 plus Bronze Medal Contributor * **

5)     $500 plus Benefactor **

6)    $100 plus  Supporter of Good Health

7)    $1- 99 Good Sport

   Although all levels will be given recognition for their contributions, levels 1 through 5 will be considered a principal contributor and will be given * permanent on-site acknowledgement and/or ** personalized awards- distinguishing them for their financial support in making the rec. center possible. 

   The project's symbolwas designed by David Whalen and represents a ball in motion; no particular type of ball.  We've chosen this "ball" given that most sports, regardless of type, involve one ball or another.  So the symbol is general enough to represent most sports interests.  The ball concept can also represent "getting the ball rolling" in terms of starting The Fund for our future rec. center.






The Fund

PROJECT NAME:   The Lincoln Community Recreational Center Trust Fund, hereinafter referred to as, “The Fund”.

AUTHORITY:   The Fund is established pursuant to M.R.S.A. Title 30A Section 5653 and shall take effect upon the approval of the Town Council of the Town of Lincoln.

PURPOSE:    The purpose of The Fund shall be to solicit contributions that will be used to purchase real estate and or buildings, that will serve as the location of a Community Recreational Center, (“The Center”), (ii) to engineer, build, construct, furnish and equip The Center, and (iii) to provide for the continued maintenance of The Center.    The Center shall house a basketball court and other such recreational facilities as shall meet the recreational needs of the Lincoln community.  The Center will be used for recreational programs, to be authorized by the Trustees, to benefit area young people, adults and senior citizens.  The project’s timeline is dependent upon the level and rate of donations.

TRUST MANAGEMENT:   The Lincoln Town Council shall serve as Trustees of The Fund.  Town staff will manage, invest, and render annual reports detailing the value and performance of the assets held by The Fund.

ADMINISTRATION:     All contributions to he Fund will be deposited and invested by the Town Treasurer in accordance with State Law, M.R.S.A. Title 30A Section 5706.  All contributions to The Fund, including interest and appreciation thereon, will be expendable in furtherance of The Fund’s purposes and objectives specified herein.  Assets of The Fund will only be used in furtherance of such purposes and objectives.

INITIAL AND FUTURE INVESTMENTS:       The Town Council will money will be made into the account by the Town Council, area businesses who wish to participate in the ceremony, as well as any other individual or corporate donor.  Land and capital donations will be accepted as cash equivalent donations and the Town of Lincoln  shall own all assets.  Annually, and in order to maintain the project’s momentum, the Town Council may raise funds to deposit into the account.  Periodically, the Trust Fund will be advertised within a local paper to generate continued donations.  The Town may also solicit donations from other sources including, but not limited to, governments, philanthropists, celebrities, individuals, corporations, businesses, estate bequests, or payroll deductions.  Interest earned will be reinvested into The Fund.  All donations will be tax deductible. 

DONOR RECOGNITION:   The Recreation Committee will submit to the Trustees a proper means of giving due recognition to The Fund’s donors. 

EXPENDING THE TRUST:   The Fund will be designed and designated as an expendable trust fund, whereby principal and interest may be used for the continuing facility operation and or improvement.  Trust funds  may only be used for the purposes as described within this trust as protected by  state law.  

REVERSION TO DONORS:        If the Trustees fail to comply with the terms of the trust instrument, the trust fund reverts to the donors or the donors’ heirs. 

DISBURSEMENT OF FUNDS:    Single capital improvements shall be governed by the Lincoln Town Charter, Article VIII,  Section 801. (The current reading of this article requires any appropriation for a single capital improvement of $100,000 or more must be approved by the voters in a referendum).  , Principle and interest may be used for continued maintenance or capital improvements.     

Once the goals and objectives to purchase or construct a Community Recreational Center have been accomplished, the remainder of any donations received will be placed in an account to be used solely for the continued maintenance or improvements to the facility and to run facility programs.

Special Note:  In order for any future Town Council to change the language or designation of this trust fund, the Town Council would have to request this change through a court order.






How To Make A Donation


    Thank you for considering to make a donation to the Lincoln Community Recreational Center.  If you want to learn more about how your donation will be protected, then please read the trust document language above.  If you would like to make a donation please make checks payable to:

"The Lincoln Community Recreational Center Trust Fund"

63 Main Street

Lincoln, Maine 04457


Thank you for investing in our future...together.